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Ah… It’s Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, stepmoms, grandmoms. The same goes for the moms who mother their dogs and cats (because we know they are our children, as well.) And, since we’re adding moms of pets, I would be remiss in not wishing the same to authors—after all, how many times do you read or hear an editor, agent or workshop ...

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You and ISBNs

Well, I’m trying to decide if working with original ISBN numbers are a waking nightmare. I have come to the conclusion that, well, I really know nothing! I just want to write. Aren’t there people who do this sort of thing for novices? I know that I need a separate one for print books versus ebooks. But then there is the whole facet ...

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How difficult can it be? I don’t know, but apparently I have to try it first!

Writing a newsletter ~~~ more like starting a newsletter. That’s my plan, anyway. I’m trying to think this out logically. However, that may be somewhat difficult, since I’m a bit more artistic in temperament. Somewhat impulsive…ugh! I may be sunk before I’ve even begun. That will not stop me! I never thought I ...

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Managing Time With Alicia Dean

So today I’m interviewing my good friend and critique partner Alicia Dean. While her quirky sense of humor is not for the thin-skinned and might not be so prevalant here, you can believe me when I tell you she’s crazy! In a good way, but that is one of the things I love most about her. Read for yourself, and tell me ...

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