Pampered – Martini Club 4 – 1940s

Coming December 2019

At the age of ten Audra Faye Dempsey learned her famous mother and her adoring father’s marriage was all for show. For the last twelve years her life as Lady Margaret’s daughter has all but choked her. Now she’s all grown up and determined to live life on her own terms. That includes working in Boston’s notorious’ South End. But there’s a serial killer on the loose and he’s set his sights on her.

Leo Frisk was no one’s hero, let alone that of a six-year-old son he had no idea he’d sired. But the child’s mother is gone and there’s no one but Leo to pick up the pieces.  Audra’s already low opinion of him will be even less redeemable when she learns where Leo found him.

With a murderer dropping victims like flies, how can Leo keep Audra and his son safe from the seedier sides of life and still hope to win her heart?

Martini Club – The 1940s

Pampered – Kathy L Wheeler

Pretentious – Alicia Dean

Perilous – Amanda McCabe

Priceless – Krysta Scott

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  • 2019