Pampered: Martini Club 4 ~ The 1940s

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As the pampered daughter of a famous screen star, Audra Faye Dempsey prefers life in the background helping those less fortunate. Most days she volunteers at a soup kitchen in 1940s Boston’s South End. But when a killer strikes, she soon finds herself caught in the crossfire.

Talent agent, Leo Frisk, represents one of the most famous women in the world, but it’s her daughter, Audra, he adores. Regrettably, Audra has the insane notion he is in love with her mother.

When Leo’s past presents a son he never realized he had, how will he convince Audra he is not the philanderer she believes he is? And can he do so before the killer catches up with them?

Priceless ~ Precarious ~ Perilous

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  • 2019