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When you browse for an ebook what do you find yourself looking for?
An excellent formatted book tells you that an authors cares greatly how his/her book is presented. I've tried not to care, but, well, I can't seem to help it. I look for line justification, chapter and scene beginners. In print, I look to see if the page numbers are, not only correct, but if they appear in the front and back matter. If they do...well, I usually close the book. It's a sign they were in a hurry to get the book out. Attention to detail is a reflection of your work.

References available!!

My Background

I have a BA in Management Information Systems with a vocal minor. Sometimes I sing when I work. I was a computer programmer for Hertz Corporation for sixteen years. But, here's a real tidbit: I began as a secretary in 1983. Just about the time of the personal computer revelation when PCs were only just popping up on desks. I started on software programs like Multi-mate, Lotus 1-2-3 (before wysiwyg - technical term meaning "What You See Is What You Get" - that is not a joke!), Manuscript (written by the Lotus Corporation), Wordstar 2000, WordPerfect, and of course the Microsoft Products: Word, Excel, Access (yes, I create my own databases for my karaoke music and my taxes), and PowerPoint. I'm sure there are others, but you get the picture. I happen to have a real knack for software.

I recently completed teaching a month long online course on the very services listed below. I will also be leading a workshop with PowerPoint for the OKRWA's August 2017 meeting and the NJRWA Put Your Heart In a Book Conference in October. The information will be coming out in a print version in the near future.

But, as anyone will tell you, formatting, while not all that difficult once you master the intricacies, is definitely tedious. But, alas, I'm am fast!

Feel free to contact me at kathy @ klwheeler (dot) com for a list of references. I aim to please.

Bundle Pricing Available

All prices below are contingent and evaluated upon seeing the manuscript.

  • Print to Digital Conversion

  • $300

  • Author sends book that needs converting. Once received, I will cut from spine, Duplex scan to pdf, convert to docx and clean up.
  • Proofread/editing is not guaranteed in this process.
  • ebook cover

  • $65

  • I'll create a professional cover for your ebook that can also be used for the print version.
  • ebook Formatting

  • $50

  • Up to 200 pages. This does require a look at the manuscript tabbing and spacing. Includes epub conversions with author providing proper links for one version of epub. i.e., iTunes/Apple; Nook or Kobo)
  • $10 extra per ea addition epub w/author provided links
  • Print Formatting

  • $50

  • This requires a look at the manuscript for tabbing and spacing. Price is for up to 200 pages.
  • $10 extra for drop case
  • $10 extra for scene dividers and / or chapter decor
  • Back & Spine for Print Covers

  • $50

  • Author provides their own front cover and I'll add a fabulous back and spine (certain page number requirement on spine)
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