Episode I: Hercules’ Lost Labour

Episode I: Hercules’ Lost Labour

Episode I: Hercules’ Lost Labour

Series: Vanishing World Series
Genres: Short Story, Spicy Romance, Time Travel Romance
Tags: Greek Gods, Mythology, Recommended Books, Sexy, Spooky, Time Travel
Publisher: Palea Ross
Publication Year: 2015
Length: Short Story

Romantic, sexy short story w/erotic elements, Continuing Time Travel...

Episode I: Hercules' Lost Labour

In this short sexy romance, Episode one of the Vanishing World series, Mallory Keen’s love interest, Schultz K. Rowland, is more than disappointing. Having broken their dates more than once, by texts no less, she’s less than thrilled when he shows up on her doorstep offering one last opportunity. Still, he is a cute scientist and she’s always liked him.

Schultzie knows he's not the he-man of anyone's fantasies. But Mallory is different. Totally against the rules, he invites her to accompany him to his place of employment. An old Mansion converted into a private laboratory. And as long as his boss never learns she’s been there? Hey, no problem.

But Mallory’s curiosity gets the better of her. Sneaking into a locked room, finds herself tumbling back in time.

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About the Book

The first of seven sexy short, time-travel stories of the Vanishing World Series. Episode I introduces Mallory and Schultzie. Schultzie is a scientist and working for a doctor who is dabbling in ancient cultures. Mallory is most curious and her curiosity tumbles her back into Hercules’ private lair. This sexy romp is the first of seven short stories.

Look Schultzie in Episode II, The Unexpected Viking. Coming soon.

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