The 7th Son

Coming June 8, 2021

On sale for $0.99 thru June 15th

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Award winning author Kathy L Wheeler brings you a contemporary novella where a 6th generation curse is on the precipice of sending a man to Bedlam.

Clairvoyant artist, Alistar Spears, the current Earl of Griston is in dire straits. At the stroke of midnight on his thirty-third birthday, a curse decreed six generations before will send him to the madhouse. He doesn’t even know how or why the curse was instituted. All he knows is that he will go insane.

Peyton McKenzie, art critic extraordinaire, is in England for an inheritance from a grandfather she’d never met. In a stroke of rotten luck, she runs into her least favorite artist in the world, Jess Aldis. On the upside, she adores the Tudor style house she now owns, complete with diary showcasing a window to the past, and an exciting neighbor—a real live, very attractive earl.

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  • 2021