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My Rebel Lords of London series focuses on several disturbing aspects of life in regard to women and children. The world, as a whole, since the beginning of time (it sometimes feels like) treat women and children as expendable, which is crazy.

  • We need women to populate the world: Something men cannot do without them, and
  • We need children to grow up and become responsible caring adults

It’s not hit or miss, right?

The Earl’s Error, The Marquis’s Misstep, and The Viscount’s Vendetta all touch on human trafficking. Primarily children—spoiler alert, all these books have happy endings.

To me, it is a way to bring certain atrocities to light. To showcase issues that were going on 200 years ago and are still just as horrendous today.

The same goes for domestic abuse. We see this in The Earl’s Error, The Duke’s Detour, and Captivated By His Countess. Sadly, in the year 2023—let me say that again—SADLY, IN THE YEAR 2023, we are still encountering many of the same issues. Though way back there were not laws in place to protect women and children. This makes it worse somehow now that in the present day, there are laws in place to protect women and children.

Political or not, rights are being stripped away, almost on a daily basis:

  • Reproductive health care. i.e., bodily autonomy
  • Voting rights
  • Enhanced gun rights
  • Truth in education
    • Lack of conveying full important impactful history
    • Banning books
    • Sex education
  • Human rights for marginalized individuals
    • LBGTQ+
    • Asian
    • People other than the white privileged

All these issues and more hurt women, children, black and brown people, and other communities with hurtful rhetoric, lack of empathy, and the inability or willful ignorance of seeing life through another’s eyes other than our own.

I feel like it didn’t used to be this way, or at least not this bad, though that is likely naïve thinking and/or a lack of awareness on my part. I know I’ve left out some things, but at this writing, this is what strikes me the most.

The situations I use in my books are my small way of trying to help bring important things to the forefront. Perhaps that is why I write somewhat dark romance. I wish to portray a light at the end of that dark tunnel, so to speak.

So, in that vein, I’ve listed some websites of notable, charitable institutions that do the real work.

For Child Trafficking:

For an overview and rating of each of the above organizations, visit Impactful Ninja.

For Victims of Domestic Violence:

National Domestic Violence Hotline 800-799-7233

My final message: Be the hero of your life. If you know or see anyone who needs help, reach out to, or for, them.


NOTE: This post will soon be located in the backmatter of the entire series.