I grew up in a land of eternal summer. As a child with very fair coloring my nose was perpetually burnt and freckled and my hair was naturally bleached by sunshine.

I’d pay dearly for this, years later, but at the time it translated into spending time on the sea with my Daddy in a speed boat, snorkeling on coral reefs and feeling the beloved trade winds blowing in my face.

Being season-deprived is probably why I appreciate seasons so much now. Mother Earth’s cycles and our own cycles are meant to be lived in harmony and with a natural rhythm. I try to sync myself with nature. Aboriginal peoples of the world have always known this, and tried to resist invasive peoples who disrespect earth and her cycles.

Spring is new beginnings, with new bright green shoots bursting forth on trees, bushes, and in grass. Birds return and build nests as bees bumble around newly blossoming flowers. I use this season to sow new seeds, plan, start new projects, redecorate with fresh new colors, detox cleanse, and set healthy choices in my menu like switching from the hearty soups and stews of winter to lighter salads and smoothies. My spring question: What do I wish to achieve this year that is in harmony with who I am now?

Summer is full bloom, when all the plans laid and seeds sown in spring grow and burst with richness and ripeness. Long summer days provide time to get out into the fresh air, breathe deeply, take meandering walks, tour locally or go on trips to explore interesting surroundings. Whatever my goals for the year are, this is the season when I work them to make my dreams come true. Although I am now a shade-dweller, staying out of direct sunlight after the overdose I received as a child, only venturing out late in the day. My summer question: Have I done everything I can to ensure the harvest of my dreams?

Autumn is my favorite season. For one who was season-deprived as a child, seeing the blazing glory of leaves ranging from gold through amber and ruby red is a true gift and very healing. It is the harvest, and on a personal level it’s a time of going within, turning up the gratitude for all the wonderful blessings in my life, reaping the rewards of what I sowed in spring and worked on during the summer. In the same way the trees let go of their leaves and return them to the earth from whence they came, I look at my life and see what patterns or habits I need to release in order to move forward in harmony with myself, my loved ones, and nature. My autumn question: What no longer serves me?

Winter is silence, stillness, sacredness, and at times, endings. For me, it’s introspection and meditation – communion between my most private self and the Divine. Winter is about releasing and purging, letting parts of ourselves ‘die’ so new facets can be ‘born’ in the not-too-distant spring when the cycle starts anew. The year falls away, and so does a part of me as I ripen, mature, and deepen my love and appreciation of all that is. My winter question: What am I going to release to make room for something better?

Autumn MasqueradeThe cover of my latest novella, Autumn Masquerade, is a tribute to my favorite season. Anna Spencer, a successful career woman, must face the blockages her mother programmed into her as a girl so she can bring her precious psychic gifts out into the world to help others. Her fear of rejection is strongest when she fears her boss, Richard Bentley, will no longer take her seriously. His opinion matters a lot to her, perhaps too much, but her mother’s lesson of long ago left her believing her psychic gifts would cost her the peopled. And she does love Richard Bentley…


My winter themed story, Christmas Spirits, takes place at Winterthorne Castle in Ireland. There’s a real sense of Christmas Spiritswinter in this novella, where snow and the silence of the season make way for a tale of the ultimate letting go. This is a romantic ghost love story, and is about love between the worlds, an undying love that will transcend time and place.


What is your favorite season? Do you enjoy seasonal rituals or themes throughout the year?


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Gemma Juliana lives in an enchanted cottage in north Texas with her own romantic hero, magical teen son and a fairy dog named Rosie. She loves crafting stories of love, mystery, and suspense, with a dash of magic and a twist of some kind!

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