A new anthology the Oklahoma Outlaws have banded together to create.

valentine 11


You’ll love each new chapter by a different author beginning

February 5 through, you guessed it, Valentine’s Day.

Our theme is Chocolate, Flowers and …

Feb 5th, The Golden Band – Callie Hutten

Feb 6th, Be Mine – Mary Jo Springer

valentine 9Feb 7th, The Outsider – Silver James

Feb 8th, Champagne – Anna Kittrell

Feb 9th, Twins – Tamrie Foxtail

Feb 10th, A Recipe for Love – Heidi VanLandinghamvalentine 7

Feb 11th, Wild Stallions – Christy Gronlund

Feb 12th, Cupid’s Cabin – Debi Rogers

Feb 13th, Trust – Kathy L Wheeler

Feb 14th, Happily Ever After – Silver James

Enjoy! and Happy Valentine’s week!