Any author knows how difficult it is to market his/her work. Writing the book is tough enough, but then to get the word out, and somehow, trying to manage without coming across pushy. Ugh!

I wrote a post last year on “Marketing! Should be it’s own Curse Word.”   I still stand by that statement. However, a friend just sent the link to a blog regarding, of all things, blogging! You can see it here. Hmph. So as I was reading through the post, I found another link to a blog by Steven Raichlen. This post was brilliant. It even has “Brilliant” in the title. FREE, Brilliant Book Marketing to a Million Audience. See? And you know what? It was brilliant.thCAQTLF2G

Basically, Mr. Raichlen goes through a list of activities he’d accomplished, then wrote about, all tying back to his book. His message clear…by talking about something was fun and how it related back to his book. He was plugging his book without actually talking about his book.

There is a list of “What you can learn from Steven Raichlen”, then “The endless possibilities…” of marketing your book, be it fiction or non-fiction.

In the end, what I learned from Steven Raichlen, is that this entire process is called “Content Marketing.”

Alas! It’s all a crap-shoot. But if we can help ourselves with marketing in any way, shape or form, then that’s what we have to do. After all, writing is WHAT we do. By utilizing content marketing, blogging is just another way to enhance thCA222CTFour craft, at the same time giving others an insight to our voice without pushing the hard sell, when taking his approach. By writing about the fun things you do, see, love, then tying it back to where the idea originated in the first place. Piece of cake! Right?


Happy Reading!~~Kathy L Wheeler