12 Authors – 12 Books

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FBI agent and psychologist investigate the murder of an FBI recruit and come face to face with the victim’s spirit
Adrienne's Ghost
Historical Romance

Bound by Decency

Erotic Paranormal Romance

Her Druid Temptation

When the kink most forbidden is the monster that satisfies.

Journal of a Lycanthrophile

A psychology student takes a job caring for a mentally unstable young man on a remote coastal island and becomes embroiled in a deadly mystery

Lady in the Mist

Her daughters wanted a daddy…She wanted her old life back…All he wanted was the three of them…

The duke fired the annoying governess; his mother re-hired her as a companion. Now she’s driving him crazy.

Miss Merry's Christmas

Contemporary Romance


A broken promise has consequences… (NOTE: The Dream Jumper’s Promise is free through December 27)

Payback is a bitch


Best friends turn into deadly enemies for the love of one woman

The Slayer's Wife

After her patrician husband sells her to a fate worse than death, Aelia must learn that in Amalfi you live by your heart, not by Rome’s laws
Vows of Revenge



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