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klw: Look who’s come to visit! I love having visitors ( I’m soooooo antisocial that way —- NOT). It’s Jannine. She’s here to share the first book she wrote and tell us how life was different in the 80s.Jannine

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In the summer of 2010, I answered a submission call for a brand new series from The Wild Rose Press called the Class of ’85. Did I stop at just one book? Oh no! I wrote three because I was hooked. Having graduated from college in 1984, my youth was spent during that era. It was a blast writing about characters who had the same memories I did.

LonelyRoadToYou_w5650_300 Today is the final day that five books from this terrific, multi-author series are free, including the first one I wrote, Lonely Road To You. To celebrate, I’m taking a trip back to the past and reliving those years. Good heavens, a lot has changed.

My girls are teenagers now, and the angst over friends and clothes and boys is still the same. The biggest differences I see are caused by technology. Remember dragging the super long phone cord into a closet just to get a little privacy? Now kids don’t even talk. They text. When I was in the car the other day with my daughter, I suggested making plans with her friend would be a whole lot simpler if they actually spoke to each other instead of texting. All I got for a response was an eye-roll. Remember those library stacks and hunting through millions of books for the one you needed for your term paper? I’m not certain my daughters would even know how to do research in an actual book. “That’s what the internet is for, Mom,” is the standard response. And how did you write those term papers? If you’re like me, it was on a typewriter with lots of white-out. How did we live without computers? How did people write books and make revisions without a Word program? Maybe editing is much more fine-tuned now because it’s easy. Something to think about.

My hero and heroine in Lonely Road To You didn’t communicate at all when they were in high school together. He was the cool, bad boy who became a rock star. She was the shy, new girl who worked on the school paper. When they meet again on a cross-country road trip to their 25 year high school reunion, both are surprised by the changes they find.

As I mentioned, five books from the series are free. Just click on the titles to be taken directly to the Amazon download link!

Lonely Road To You by Jannine Gallant

To Be, Or Not by Margo Hoornstra

Promises, Promises by Silver James

Embraceable You by Kat Henry Doran

Something More by Keena Kincaid

So, is life better with iPhones and iPods? Or was a world lacking all the latest high tech devices a better place to grown up? Weigh in on the debate!

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