A small group of the Oklahoma Romance writers kicked off their newest Holiday Anthology, October 27th with Night of the Harvest Moon.

Here’s the setup:

As the wind moaned and dark clouds passed over a silver moon, bats covered a leaden sky. Soon the hills of Romania would come alive for festivities long overdue. In the neighborhood of a century it had been since Transylvania has hosted. Dracula rubbed his hands together in anticipation. “Igor, ready the rooms. In addition to our regular visitors this year, Madame Mirela assures me our humble abode shall soon overflow with new blood to feast upon.” Dracula retracted his fangs and whipped about, his great coat stirring the candles. He descended the stairs to the cellar where no light from the soon to be rising sun could violate his most inner sanctum. Somewhere in the distant night, a wolf howled. They were but twelve hours from the appointed fete. Twelve hours from his lifelong dream. . .

hall 07October 27: Harvest Moon Heart by Maxine Douglas

Jasper the Wolfman





October 28: Under My Skin by Tamrie Foxtailhall 04

Mya – the Selkie


hall 03October 29: Scarred by Alicia Dean

Sebastian’s pain



October 30: Into the Light by Calisa Rhosehall 02

Wendy’s revenge!





October 31: Tainted Blood by Kathy L Wheeler

hall 06


Dracula’s fate at the hands of Cupid’s Ghost…hall 05


Happy Halloween and Happy Reading!!!