First I want to thank Silver James for inviting me on the Baton Blog Hop. And a huge congratulations in in order — well, more for her daughter, Clary, who actually did the most of the work (in producing Silver’s first grand baby) which, by the way, was born on my mother’s birthday! Congrats, Silver James (and Clary). Clary did the cover for Lies That Bind. An excellent cover, if I say so myself.

What am I working on?

I am working on two things. Yes, two! And, yes, it’s driving me crazy. Not to mention they are in completely different genres, and sub-genres.

#1: The Price of Hate – book iv of my Cinderella Series, The Evil Stepmother’s story.

This book wraps up the series by going back in time. This book is not a romance by any stretch of the imagination. The story begins fourteen years after The Surprising Enchantress. Cinderella’s evil stepmother is on her death bed. In paying their last respects, Cinderella and her two sisters are taken through a journey of indescribable sorrow.

#2 Rebellious – The Martini Club 4, The Twenties.

This book is part of a four book collaboration with three other authors in our first effort. If I tell you that the original title was Lady Bootlegger would  you be intrigued? Rebellious is Meggie Montley’s adventure to New York City with her three closest friends. When Meggie learns one of her friends’ is in trouble, she will do anything  to keep her safe, no matter how precarious the situation places Meggie in.

How does my work differ from others in it’s genre?

The Price of Hate differs on two different levels. First, it’s spun from the original Cinderella story fairytale. Second, in this instant, The Evil Stepmother cannot have a happy ending. No  matter how much I wanted it for her, it couldn’t play out. We all know how awful she was to Cinderella, and in this story, we learn why.

Rebellious, on the other hand is different due to the very nature of the time period. The twenties portray a glitz and glamour period on the surface, while just beneath the surface America was reaching a dangerous boiling point with very dark undercurrents. Organized crime ruled politics throughout. So I am having to do a lot of research.

Why do I write what I do?

Why does any author write what they do? They can’t seem to help themselves. That is something I’ve learned since I began writing, though I got a later start than most of my friends. I just can’t help it. Mostly, I write stories with a twist of suspense, but a definite happy ending. And while The Price of Hate (which I usually refer to as Hilda, as the title is subject to change) does not follow that exact criteria, it is a story which needed to be written to complete the picture. In other words, it offers a resolution, even if it’s “not happy.”

I imagine I will primarily write romance. I don’t like reading books that don’t end well. But at least in this case, I think the sisters came to understand things in a way that surprised them.

How does your writing process work?

I write whenever and however I can. If I am out somewhere waiting for my dinner or the line in the grocery story, my handy pad and pen are within reach. If I happened to have forgotten and left my notepad at home, then you can bet I’ve picked another one at the store, or have a napkin with notes on it.

Another important part of my process is at night, lying in bed. I see the story unfold in my head like a movie. Sometimes I have to turn the light on and write down some detail I hadn’t seen before. As you can imagine, I have lots and lots of notes.


I missed the boat on the Baton Hop (I hope Silver will be too occupied to notice); So I’m going to share my Martini Club 4 authors and a little of what their stories entail.

Fearless (title subject to change) ~~ Amanda McCabe

Lady Jessica Hatton has big dreams. She’s tired of writing fluff for the gossip section of the newspapers. She wants to write the meaty stuff. And when she stumbles into murder, she more than gets her wish.

Stranded ~~ Krysta Scott

Lady Charlotte Biggsley is too old to settle for the arranged marriage her parents are pushing her in. She would much prefer owning a bakery. Where better to follow her dream than the Land of Opportunity. But blackmail and murder is a scary business.

Wayward ~~ Alicia Dean

Eliza Gilbert can lie her way out of a paper sack. Tossed on the streets of London, she is desperate to find a way to survive. But luck finds her on the docks when three other young women need someone to travel across the pond, if only to lend them respectability. Unfortunately, the riff-raft in New York is no better that that of Seven Dials.

Happy Reading ~~ Kathy L Wheeler