“What do you do for a living?” The acknowledgement of being a romantic suspense author often evokes questions regarding plot lines. I attempt to write what I know.

In real life, our lake association thwarted plans to destroy a wetland area by an out of town businessman hell bent on profit over accountability. I researched storm water run-off and pervious surfaces to present valid arguments in front of a hearing examiner to protect a known bird habitat. We couldn’t provide Hank the Heron with a road map to another foraging spot.

Our community members investigated plausible reasons to disallow the destruction of pristine marshland and prevailed in court. We weren’t opposed to building new homes, but to irresponsible practices. In the opening scene of the second book in my series, Torn by Vengeance, an unscrupulous land developer emerges as a determined enemy. The charming, fictional town of Emma Springs, Montana bands together to prevent far worse consequences than we faced.

I’d like to encourage your readers who have a story banging about in their brains to jot down their ideas. I’ve scribbled scenes and dialogue on notecards, in my phone, and on grocery store receipts. RWA provides wonderful classes and lists of local chapters who will help with the craft aspect. The writing community welcomes all, teaches, and supports one another. Thanks to writers like Kathy, romance thrives.

Happy trails, Sally Brandle

Torn By Vengeance     Love Thrives in Emma Springs Book 2

Look over your shoulder. He’s watching.

Corrin Patten is solidly on a path to make partner in a prestigious Seattle law firm when an ominous threat from her past turns deadly. She can handle circumstances necessitating a temporary move to the backwater town of Emma Springs, but its charming physician is another matter, as she’s issued a permanent moratorium on men.

Dr. Kyle Werner revels in trust from patients he regularly treats in a community he’s never wished to leave. Yet, Emma Springs lacks one thing, a woman to share his perfectly bucolic life. He’s read about pheromone attraction, but never experienced desire until meeting Corrin. They make an unbeatable team, but convincing her that his interest is sincere while they dissect layers of deceit requires the precision of a surgeon’s scalpel. Can they defeat the wealthy stalker bent on mistaken revenge against Corrin and destruction of the peaceful Montana setting?

If you thrive on tenacious heroines, sizzling attraction, and a shadowy villain with a grudge, you’ll love this prescription for thrills.

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Sally Brandle

Dodging male offspring and her functionally adept engineer husband, Sally steals away to her office to free non-princess types residing in her brain. Her trusty Australian Shepherd rescue pup, Tallulah, gives her input as the adventures unfold. Childhood in rural Michigan, family, friends, critters and travel stateside and abroad feed the speed of her fingers to the keys. When stalling occurs, she heads to Lance, her trusty steed stabled close to miles of wooded trails. Off they go for a head-clearing ride in fresh air, or a note session while the big gelding grazes. Sally is a member of Romance Writers of America, Greater Seattle Romance Writers, Eastside Romance Writers and She Writes. In 2014 she won the ECO Romantic Suspense category, and in 2015 finaled in Pages from The Heart, Hot Prospects and the Heart to Heart contests.

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