Gaming Hell Christmas: Volume 3

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Mysteries swell in London’s snowbound Hell.

The Other Face of the Christmas Shilling – Kathy L Wheeler
Lady Thomasina Staunton takes refuge in an abandoned house as far from London, her friends, and her family, as she could get. But her ruse of an absent husband fighting the French backfires. Horribly so.

When Florentine Comier, former Duk of Bouchard, returns unexpectedly from months of travel, he is shocked to find a stranger living in his home, claiming to be his wife.

Despite the deception, Florentine cannot help being drawn to the beautiful and rebellious Lady Thomasina, and soon discovers a love he never believed possible. But danger looms on the horizon as not everyone believes decent Frenchmen exist on England’s shores.

A Christmas Ha’penny’s Worth of Love – Amanda McCabe
Lady Elizabeth Rathburn hates being apart from her Miss Greensley’s Girls and being forced to stay at her bullying father’s cold, lonely estate. She hopes she might at least find her old friend, a handsome young man she only knew as “Mick,” but he never appears in their old meeting spot by the river any longer…

Until she finds out “Mick” is actually Lord Michael Hamilton, the son of her family’s old enemy! Worse—her father insists she must marry Lord Michael to seal a new business deal and end the enmity. Feeling betrayed, Eliza runs to her beloved La Sous Rose at Christmas time, only to be trapped in a snowstorm with Michael, the one man she despises—and desires. The man who declares he has loved her all this time, but how can she trust him now?


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August 25, 2023