With Halloween less than a week away I’ve decided to dig into my past reviews from BookEndBabes.com and pull out a fun one!




The Temptation of Your Touch – Teresa Mederios

 When did gothic romances become unpopular? You know the ones I mean, the crumbling castles, the jagged cliffs where the ground can disintegrate beneath your very feet only to send you flying over the edge to a horrifying end.

Where the dead heroine’s portrait is bound to the sale of that monstrosity, she roams the night, leaving behind scented jasmine in her wake. The faint sounds of a music box and long ago laughter.


Yes, where have those novels disappeared to?

Well, I can lead you to one that will keep you awake at night. If you read any of Teresa Mederios, you know that she delivers with outrageous wit and, in this case, intrigue. And, it works. How the hero and the heroine lecture each other on punishing themselves, yet deprive themselves of any words of comfort, their guilt in their respective lives, so deep. But each can see the nurturer in the other so clearly.

Ah, but this might all sound like the same old story, until—

He sees her at the edge of the cliff. He runs for her but he’s too late. . she’s thrown herself over.


Have fun with this one. You’ll love it. Happy Reading ~~ Kathy L Wheeler