As writer’s, the existence can be a somewhat lonely. ย Also, as writers, we know how important it is to make our meetings. But those are often just once a month. And when life gets in the way, well, sometimes we miss those. So how important is it to you to spend a weekend, or if you’re lucky, perhaps a week, with your writing cronies?

Do you retreat from the idea of a retreat?

Not I! But then, I love to travel. And when I travel, I sometimes like sitting on my ass. And in some cases can be seen novawalking down the street one minute, hit a crack in the sidewalk, and find myself on the ground, the next. (Yes, that really did happen.) Of course, my fabulous friends were right there.

friend 1, “are you okay!”

friend 2, “are you hurt!”

the guy in the car driving down the street. “You all right?” he shouts through the passenger side window.

Once we realized, I was indeed, fine, friends 1 and 2, laughed their asses off. I had to ask for help up. Was I upset? Hell no. I would have done the same.

wineI suppose my point is this: I got a small story out of the incident. Our retreat was productive, for all of us. Each of us completed something. We relaxed in the evenings and early mornings on our cottage’s very nice front porch. We had tea and coffee in the morning, wine in the evenings. Walks into town in the late afternoon.

So you ever have the opportunity to retreat from a retreat, DON”T DO IT! You must make yourself go. When you come

bodie house home, you will be rejuvenated with ideas to write. You will be able to deal with the small, and sometimes larger things, that come about. ย And this is what keeps us, as writers, fresh, and positively motivated to write more.

Take my advice and don’t retreat from a retreat with friends. You’ll be glad you went.

Happy writing ~~ Kathy L Wheeler