A group of Oklahoma authors were invited to write a series of short stories with a recurring theme based on the curse of a Scrimshaw doll. It goes something like this:

Sometime in the late seventeenth century a zealously protective father feared his daughter’s betrothed would betray her. A gypsy attempted to hex the girl with this spell: All those who betray you will suffer. Only true love can break the curse. The child was holding a Scrimshaw Doll her father had fashioned for her out of some mysterious bone.  As luck would have it, the curse was buried within the doll. Thus, the curse has been carried on for centuries. Our first installment picks up with the young woman’s daughter, who inherited the doll. 

These stories, in various genres, all stand alones, were published with The Wild Rose Press as individual releases, but have now been released in two boxed sets, each containing five stories.


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Volume 1: Cursed includes

Pirate’s Proposal – Diana Layne

The English Lily – Kae Elle Wheeler

Trail of Hope – Heidi Vanlandingham

Fading Rose – Tamrie Foxtail

The Last Daughter – Jessica Ferguson


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Volume 2: Burdened includes

The Color of Betrayal – Kathy L Wheeler

Thicker Than Water – Alicia Dean

Skinbound – Anna Kittrell

Tessa’s Treasures – Callie Hutton

The Bone Bride – Tamrie Foxtail


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