Thomas Jason Andrews ~~ 1983 - 2013

Dear Tom,

I’d like to dedicate this bit to you, my very special nephew.  I know twenty -eight to some is a very young age to leave this world. But you gave it all you had. And for that your family and friends love and appreciate you for.  We know you lived a unique life with your mom and dad. Muscular dystrophy is a debilitating disease but you still managed many things on your own.  Most of them of sheer will and attitude. Our memories and stories will always keep you in our hearts.

The many friends and myriad family members you leave behind in your new journey made sadden us, but know we are all especially blessed to have been able to count you in our lives. I for one know when football season kicks off next year, the family fantasy league will be missing a vital competitor. An avid Steeler’s fan, we went head to head as the die-hard Cowboys fan I am. I will still root for the Cowboys and know that you are there, egging on your favorite teams. Your nieces and nephews have other memories.

We will all miss you. So I say, Give ’em hell, Tom. Now you can do all those things you dreamed, but this time on your feet.

Your mean, yet, loving, Aunt Kathy

In loving memory: Wednesday, March 21, 12012. Thomas Jason Andrews