This book was adorable.

First of all, I love sports. Mostly, NFL and NBA, but I know enough about baseball to appreciate this author’s knowledge of the sport. I think she did a fine job with the cast of characters. I envision a huge spreadsheet to keep things straight (my friend’s will laugh at this). I also loved the Colorado setting. I grew up in the area so it was fun seeing it through someone else’s eyes.

The opening scene was a perfect setup. I love how her brother saved her from jail? And not just because she didn’t look good in orange. The big macho baseball player, best friend of her brother’s came to help see her through.

I will say there was one thing that bothered me, a couple of issues unresolved. I could tell that one issue will likely be another book, and that’s okay. Since I’m not going to give out any spoilers though, I will just say that I would have liked the issue to have been disclosed to certain parties. But, that being said, the “issue” did not bother me enough to keep me from loving this story. In fact, I’ve already bought the book prior to this one and plan on starting it tonight!

Good job, Ms. Seasons. I loved the story. The ending was spot on. Thank you.


Happy reading~~Kathy L Wheeler