Just saying. I’m in the process of converting my website (even though I LOVE my old one). The new one is designed to better utilize my SEO by way of having my blog and website in the same place. I haven’t posted anything new in a while because this has been going on since May 18th.

I know that I am close, however. But just today I was trying to re-Press my friend, Celia Bonaduce’s, post hosted on Linda Joyce’s blog. Celia’s debut novel is out The Merchant of Venice Beach for kindle and nook.

But I kept getting a “404” no-page-found error. Ugh!

celia2I wouldn’t say I’m NOT tech savvy. I’m actually a computer programmer. But, oh my, the html, which I think is really H$#L. See how perfect that fits?

In any event, I’m writing this note as a test and an apology for not being able to Press (rePost) Linda’s fabulous interview with our good “Jodi Thomas” friend, Celia.

I know the book will do well. She is a producer on HGTV, and she’s married to an attorney, (as am I).  There is just a huge star in the sky with Celia’s name on it!

Best of luck, my good friend.