Well, I’m trying to decide if working with original ISBN numbers are a waking nightmare.

IMG_8506I have come to the conclusion that, well, I really know nothing! I just want to write. Aren’t there people who do this sort of thing for novices? I know that I need a separate one for print books versus ebooks. But then there is the whole facet of uploading your book to Bowker. Do I upload it for the print copy as well as the ebook? The picture to the right was taken before trying to work with isbns.  The picture to the lower left? Well, you get the picture.

I am sooooo confused. I totally understand the reasoning behind the Bowker isbns (which incidentally, is the only place to obtain them). Oh sure, B&N and Amazon will assign you one, but then the tendrils of your spider’s web is not snatching all the prey in its path.

bad hairSo, if anyone has any advice? I am open!!!


Kathy L Wheeler