Update on the Freebooksy / Red Feather Romance promos: June 15th. To say I’m disappointed in the conversion with these promos is an understatement. However, the downloads for TEE are still strong, and I’m also out of the red by $26. Over time, sales should convert, if my other promos over the past year are anything to go by. I think my expectations have been too high. Here are yesterday’s numbers for downloads:

Date Kobo D2d B&N Apple Amz KU Amz PO D2d PO
6/15/2022 16 0           257 238 56 74 25

NOTE: B&N runs a day after the others. PO are the pre orders for Captivated by His Countess due out in March.

Also, last night, in my frustration, I created one Amazon Ad. This is an auto ad with customized text that I took my Facebook table. Below, is a snapshot of this month’s amz ad spend. I stopped the ads at one point because I had to shift from the prequel (which is no longer available) to TEE which is now book 1. But the spend still goes in my overall spreadsheet so I have a picture of my profit/loss. To me, Amz ads are complicated. I don’t have a handle on how to choose the relevant keywords for my book. Even though my prequel and my book 1 are the same couple, the tropes/stories are completely different, so where I target is different.

Now, I’m off to my Regency Fiction Writers annual conference. ✍️

Happy writing, marketing, sleeping