As you know, I was occupied by the Regency Fiction Writer’s conference the last three days. I was still able to track my numbers on everything but Apple. There was an issue with their reporting. I’m happy to say that today it was back and was able to go back and fill in the blanks. The good news is that I believe my promos (Freebooksy / Red Feather Romance) have paid out.

The orders numbers are listed below. These two charts represent the Amazon order numbers.

The top chart is June 7 through 19 orders. The spike is the day the Freebooksy/Red Feather Romance promos ran. Consequently, the second chart are the sales based on the same dates. I’m encouraged by this because books 2 through 5 are selling with The Marquis’s Misstep the top seller which is to be expected because it is the second book.

Downloads for TEE are steady. Particularly notable are the iBook downloads. This is very encouraging.

I think because of this picture, I will up my Facebook spend from $10 to $15 to see if this will increase sales over the next 3 days. I will watch this carefully. If it does as I hope, then I will up it more. We shall see.

This last chart is Apple’s last few days. Note the date, the units and the increase! Color me thrilled.


Happy Selling!