Yesterday, I noticed something odd. Print sales.

This is a chart of my print sales for the month of June. First, I never really have print sales. Second, there were six on the 20th alone! I had a meeting this morning and my meeting partner said it was TikTok. That she’d heard the Booktok’ers prefer print. If that is true, you can bet I’ll be doing more videos soon. 😍 The titles that sold are: The Earl’s Error, The Marquis’s Misstep, Mail Order Bride: The Counterfeit and The Breakaway, The Mapmaker’s Wife, and The Price of Scorn: Cinderella’s Evil Stepmother.  Today’s titles that sold are: Enchanting the Earl and The Viscount’s Vendetta.

On to other news…

I believe that Freebooksy / Red Feather Romance promos are finally converting. Especially on Apple. Almost every day since the 10th, the sales have been $35 to $45 per day. Amazon, is ranging from $27 to $43. The good news is that I have definitely made back my money. Not anywhere near BookBub, but still, it’s a relief. Here are today’s charts from AMZ and Apple. The date range is Jun 13 – Jun 20, Amazon and Apple, respectively. Only Rebel Lords of London books have sold on Apple. The Amazon sales are all books in my library.

As a reference, on the Amazon Chart, the 20th money is $40.48, and on the Apple chart, the 20th money is $45.50.

Just to note, I did up the FB spend to $15/day yesterday, adding Regency Romance to my audience interests of Historical Romance.

The good news is that the promos and ads are working. I’m in the black this month, finally. 🥰 Still, learning as I go. That’s a good thing.