This week has been a nice surprise ON AMAZON. There are issues with Apple’s trend reporting, so I’m unable to update my sales and downloads, however, the trend on Apple was following Amazon where I was netting approximately $50 a day. Meaning, I was making more than I was spending.

A BookRebel promo went out today, but I don’t see any significant difference. The cost of the BookRebel was $20.

I have a BookCave running on Sunday. They seem to do well, but I shall see. Below is the entire month to date for Amazon. To keep things in perspective, I’ve spent a total for the month so far: $680.85 and the total income (less whatever Apple is for the past three days) is $1056.18. That income includes Kobo, Amazon (below), and B&N. I created another ad today targeting a comparable author for one ad. And, I am on a third iteration of Facebook ads with a budget of $8 per day.