I ran two promos outside my AMZ and FB in the past few days. Here are the results:

  • BookRebel – Jun 24 ($20)
  • Book Cave – Jun 26 ($46)

After the Freebooksy / Red Feather Romance promos where I did indeed made my money back, plus some, I’m more calm about these other two promos. Meaning, I’m giving them time to convert. Today is Tuesday, Jun 27, and my AMZ chart is very encouraging for the month. Plus, I’ve almost completed the draft of Captivated by His Countess.

Jun 27 is low because it’s early. It looked the same yesterday, but by midnight it was $41.60.

The overall picture for the month is this:

From this spread sheet you can see what I’ve brought in from each retail platform, and what I’ve spent so far and the profit.

The Other category for small promo ads and dated for each book I’ve promoted for the month. This is very encouraging. I still have a few videos to watch regarding conversions. I believe there is work to do still on my Ad Intensive program which relates to Facebook ads.