Happy 4th!

An overview for the month of June.

It was a decent month. The good news is that I’m in the green when it comes to advertising versus royalties. A couple of significant promos pushed by downloads through the roof, as I’ve reported.

From $8.27 on the first and lowest point, to $59.60 at the highest day. Overall, I spent $894.76 and royalties across AMZ | B&N | Kobo | iBooks were $1,560.41.

The ad outlay is by the same period:

It looks like the “Other” category in the Ad Outlay is giving me the finger 😲 !!

Anyway, when you compare the dates, you can see where the uptick is on the royalties compared to when I’ve put out more money.

I spend steadily at Amazon and Facebook, however, I spike it up with other promos with the following:

  • TEE 6/13 Freebooksy/Red Feather Romance $190
  • ABTTH 6/01 AuthorsXP $10
  • TEE 6/24 BookRebel $20
  • TEE 6/26 BookCave $46

(TEE – The Earl’s Error; ABTTH – A Bullet to the Heart)

Most of my advertising is for The Earl’s Error and aimed at the Amazon sales page. However, most of the “other” promos do include links to Kobo, B&N, and iBooks.

Although, this is only a few days into July, the 1st through the 3rd the sales are holding steady for Amazon and Apple. Even Kobo is unusually high. B&N, meh.

The one other thing I’m putting into play for July is TikTok. I plan to post regularly (meaning 2 to 5 times a day) to see what happens. Yes, this is work, but it will be interesting to see. If you are interested in seeing or following, here is a link:


Have a great month!