I haven’t posted in several days because I’m in a wait and see pattern. Today, I decided to update my fb ads because yesterday they topped out at $6.91. Let me stop here and explain the current set up. I’m only running one campaign. But within the campaign there are three ad sets, each directed to a different target. The ad copy and images are the exact same in all three ad sets. Each ad set is set at $5 / day ad spend. Since I topped out at $6.91 only yesterday, I changed the ad spend from $5 to $10. This means rather than spending $15/day my ad spend will jump to $30/day. This is a lot. This afternoon I created new images for the most popular of the ad sets. The problem is that they are all being clicked on the same. Meaning, none of the targets are pulling ahead. So, which one should I choose? I couldn’t. So, before I turned anything off, I went back to my daily spend and saw that today’s sales had jumped to $34, and it’s only 6p. So, I’m going to hold off through the weekend to see if there is a significant difference.

What is significant about this chart is that I haven’t really run any promos this month. All my sales are coming via FB, AMZ, and/or TikTok. I haven’t posted to TikTok today. And, AMZ isn’t showing anything any different. So, the change in the FB ads was the division.

There are other factors that can jar your algorithms, of course, i.e., uploading a new cover, making changes to front and/or back matter, etc. I did pull book 1 of my Bloomington series Quotable from Amazon and decided to go wide, since I seem to be doing well on Apple. Instead of uploading directly to Apple, B&N, & Kobo, I’m going to start with D2d, to simplify the process. Make sure I don’t have any competitor links, that sort of thing. In any event, today, there were sales posted for Rebel Lords of London across the board on D2d. I’m guessing it has something to do with the algorithms? I don’t know, but I’ll take it.

Come Monday, I’ll see if I’m spending more than I’m bring in on AMZ since that is where my ads are pointed.


Up next:

I have a meeting with an AMZ Ad School expert in the morning to see if I can figure out how to hone my keywords for my amazon ads. <*>sigh<*>. It’s harder than you, I mean, ME, thinks. 😭

Happy Friday.