I had the opportunity to attend the Skye Warren Q&A. I believe there weren’t many others on the call, and when she asked if anyone wanted their title evaluated, I jumped.

I sent over the link for Enchanting the Earl. This is the prequel to The Earl’s Error. The prognosis wasn’t great. I thought I was doing well with 1,077 ratings and a ranking in the low 2k on Amazon. However, she had some suggestions I leaped on.

  1. I needed to remove the prequel from the series.
    1. in this instance, I decided I will be using the prequel as a reader magnet.
  2. I ordered a new, advertising-friendly cover that is more in line with my current covers.
  3. I needed to make The Earl’s Error the series started and put it to “free”.
    1. I did this, and as of today (Jun 9, 2022) the ranking for The Earl’s Error has gone from 300,000 on Amz to 514 on Amazon’s overall list. This with minimal advertising.
  4. This is the hardest thing to do due to current momentum:
    1. turn off the advertising on Facebook
    2. turn off the advertising on Amazon ads

But per Skye, this series is not doing as well as it could be doing. And, that is the goal, right?

So, I will keep you and myself posted, as we go.

This is the June-to-date graph. For note purposes, I set The Earl’s Error free on June 7 late in the afternoon. I also created a FB ad campaign at $10/per day. As this book is free, my royalties will come from the sales of the other books in the series: The Marquis’s Misstep, The 7th Son, The Viscount’s Vendetta, and The Duke’s Detour. Those books are not included in this graph.