The Key to Writing Effective Copy

In a report received from k-lytics, it was learned that there were specific keywords people look for when they want to buy books in a particular genre.


  • Paranormal romance, vampire romance, for women, best for women.

To lure the larges search volume, it was critical to integrate those keywords frequently into the copy and headline.

This made it easy for the reader to understand the book this ad presented had exactly what the reader was looking for.

This worked really well

At this point, there was already a strong improvement in sales shown in the doubling of traffic hitting the Amazon sales page each day, because of the drop in CPC.

The audience was still the same.

Step 2. The Secret Sauce Behind the Targeting Testing Process

After the marketer managed to reach low CPC and high CTR ads, the team came up with a list of 50 new targetable interests that was split into three categories.

  • Category 1: Author names

Lora Leigh, Jr Ward, etc.

We found most interests here.

  • Category 2: Book sub-genres

(romance sub-genre specific) Romantic fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Romantic Fantasy, etc.

Historical regency romance, historical British romance, historical romantic suspense, dark romance.

  • Category 3: Sub-genre specific Popular Movies

i.e., Twilight, Vampire Diaries, etc.

The process to find these interests is quite simple, but can require time.

i.e., Searches on google, for top genre specific romance authors, top urban fiction authors, top romantic fantasy, top urban fantasy, etc.

Try to find as many blogs:

with the lists mentioned above to gather a large list of targets to check for on FB.

Check the items on this list against the Facebook “interests” in what you can target. Many may not be targetable. This is why it’s required to have a huge list, to have a decent sized audience.

Then create:

  • A main campaign
    • Target each of the three categories per ad-set.
    • Narrowed everything down with:
      • Amazon Kindle
      • Kindle Store
      • Ebooks

This negates the need to mention them in your ads


  • Inside each ad-set there will be 2 ads. The only difference between the two are the images. Use the same:
    • ad copy, and
    • headline

Facebook will push just one of them. Typically, the one with the lower CPC.

Once the campaigns are set up. Let them run. Ads should run at least 3 days, but 7 is ideal.

(Marketer: the sales increased right away.) This indicated an need to take advantage of the opportunity, and scale more.

How To Scale Facebook Ads Profitably

The technique described above helps you scale fast and is relatively low risk.

The original campaign to add the budget on top was then duplicated, using the same targeting.

The only difference then was the change in the ads.

  • New copy,
  • New images
  • New headlines.

Using the method above has allowed plenty of new ads than can be used due to the testing of the different variables within.

Marketer: “I’m aware some people scale by small increases on the ad-sets, and that’s great if that works for you.” He doesn’t do this for two reasons:

  1. it can mess up a well-performing ad-set, and
  2. it takes too much time to scale the budgets.

To maintain the performance of the ads, whenever there is an increase in CPC (cost per click), that creates a drop in sales. At this point, you need to:

  • duplicate the campaign
  • add new ads, then
  • Shut off the campaign that stopped performing

If you run out of ads, you must:

  • repeat the creative process
  • improve the creatives based on the best ads you initially had.

CASE STUDY: To recap, this paranormal author went from making $6.5k to $17k in profit per month in just 3 months. Readthrough has not fully kicked. So, in the next month or so, the profit should be over 20k per read just by maintaining the current spend.

The three pillars of the scaling strategy are:

  • Ad Creative Testing,
  • Targeting Testing Process, and
  • The Scaling Process

Important notes:

  • If you have a working audience, focus on creating low CPC (cost per click) and high CTR (click through rate) ads by testing each ad element separately.
  • Test many variables: 30 to 50 creative elements per test.
  • Focus on creating an emotion or feeling vs convincing the reader with logic to buy your books.
  • Include the Amazon keywords with the most search volume in your copy to relay to readers that you have what they’re looking for.
  • Invest time in finding new relevant audiences to test.
  • Scale by duplicating campaigns and changing the ads.
  • Always spend money on ads. Things will become easier in the long term.

Mistakes to avoid when implementing this process:

  • If you treat it superficially—meaning, if you don’t follow the plan as laid out, you may have to do this process multiple times. It will cost you more time, more money, and definite disappointment.
  • If you judge your adjustments too quickly, (minimum of 3 days period, ideally 7 days), that is a mistake. 1 day is not enough.

Marketer: I hope that you find specific information that you can take and implement in your Facebook ads, especially if you’re a paranormal romance author.

Vlad: If there are any questions you have feel free to ask and I’ll answer them. Cheers and good luck!

Kathy: Coming tomorrow (or in the next day or so….) my numbers. In the meantime, if you are still a member of RWA, I’m the author of the day August 3rd. Come ask question. 🙂