Anyone who doesn’t think this is scary or counterintuitive has their head in the sand. I’ve been charging $3.99 to $4.99 for The Earl’s Error for over a year. To set it free, well, it kind of hurts. But overnight, after a full day of being free, and virtually no advertising, here are the results:

Yesterday, there were 425 downloads of The Earl’s Error. In addition, three copies of each of the subsequent books (2 for 7th Son) were bought. This is good. The ranking shot through the roof. Specifically, in the two most important and relevant categories:

Later today, I will be modifying the copy on the ad, because I believe it is not the best it can be. So there is work to be done to try to improve, build, if you will on the graph above.

I mentioned to a friend that I have an ad on Freebooksy and Red Feather Romance coming out on Monday, Jun 13. So that will skew the numbers. Hopefully, giving me back my investment. Yesterday, I doubled my money, but again, that was just one day.

Here is the current winning ad:

Will keep you posted.