There are a lot of tools available to authors who are wanting to track their sales and data, however, after you make your $1000 they start charging you. I found this unnecessary with Amazon’s new sales dashboard. It has all the info I need. Here is the starting chart from the 7th when I began the new campaign of setting TEE to free as my series starter. I would only do this if you have other books in a series, because that is where you will make your money.

So, from Jun 7 through today, Jun 10:

In Amazon’s dashboard, I selected only the ebooks in my Rebel Lords of London series. There are five.

  1. The Earl’s Error – Free
  2. The Marquis’s Misstep $4.99
  3. The 7th Son $3.99
  4. The Viscount’s Vendetta $4.99
  5. The Duke’s Detour $4.99
  6. Captivated by His Countess $2.99 (up for pre order RD: 3/7/23)

All books are full novels except The 7th Son. It is a novella. It is also a contemporary set 200 years after The Marquis’s Misstep. Also, #6 is not to be released until next year, but I had a BookBub featured deal this past March and wanted to capitalize on the ad, so I needed a pre order link. The book will go to full price the day of release. This was a strategy I used for The Duke’s Detour this past January. It was very successful.

While it seems like my sales for this series are low, I’m okay with that for now, because I’ve revamped things and basically I’m starting from scratch. The fact that the subsequent books (#2 through #5) are all the same orders is a good sign to me. That means when a person goes to the second book, they are actually following through to the fifth.