The day before yesterday there were over 400 downloads of TEE. Yesterday there were 158, yet sales went from $18 to $42 over the past three days. (I include all books since I’m only advertising TEE). So, how are readers finding the other books? Through my author name via AMZ, website, BookBub, etc. So, to me, all sales count. Here are the AMZ royalties charts for the past 3 days:

I did one thing different. I did new copy on the ad that was getting shown the most on Facebook. I don’t know yet if this made the difference, or if the 400+  who downloaded the book went on to book 2 through 4 in the series. Included on Jun 10th’s numbers is one The Wronged Princess (0.99, .35 royalty) and one copy each of three of the Flaming short stories:

  1. Wedding Vows for Hire (1@ 0.99, .35 royalty)
  2. Forbidden Agreement (1@ 0.99, .35 royalty)
  3. Revenge’s Sweet Reward (1@ 0.99, .35 royalty) June 10th
  4. Revenge’s Sweet Reward (1@ 0.99, .35 royalty) June 8th

So, all royalties shown are books in the Rebel Lords of London series but for the list above.

My next step at this juncture is a waiting game. I need to let the data build on Facebook to see which ad in my ONE campaign will pull forward. I think I need at least 1000 clicks for a more accurate picture.