But, then, over time, the opposite should be true as well.

So… yesterday’s sales were, to say the least, disappointing, and today’s projection? Even worse. As I mentioned before, I include all book sales under the umbrella. However, when one of the Cinderella series sells, and is then returned, I’m thinking tiktok. Why? Because i did a couple of videos for my Cinderella series and there is a “treat Amazon books like a library” movement going on. Do I consider that stealing? Absolutely, can I prove that was the case? No. Can I do anything about it at my level? Again, no.  So, moving on.

Here are today’s charts. I’ll also include what changes I’ve made to see if they will make a difference in the next week or so.

Still, there is a bit of good news. The ranking is holding up.

To me, and I could be wrong, but the huge boost on 9th feels as if that was just the Amazon algorithms with the changes: a new freebie, etc. The money on the 10th is the read/sale-through. People read book 1 and went on to the rest of the series.

NOTE: While I’m using Amazon charts, I do track across the platforms: Kobo, B&N, and Apple. I keep versions on Draft2Digital, but for the smaller outlets and libraries. The smaller outlets do not update their numbers until the “following” month. (i.e., Thalia, Scribd, Overdrive, Bibliotheca, Baker & Tailor, Borrow Box, Hoopla). But I do track sales, orders across the board daily. And, use AMZ for rankings and ratings, also daily. I have a spreadsheet that is also formulated to show me the percentage over what I spend to what I’m bringing in. I’m happy to share these spreadsheets with anyone who wants them. Just email me.

So, back to the regularly scheduled program: The numbers for tomorrow look bad. Really bad, but I did create a few more ads in my ONE campaign to test against what is already there. (What this means, is that my budget of $10 per day will still only spend $10 per day even when I ad new ads to the campaign.)

I took the ad that was getting the most clicks and duplicated it changing the copy, using the same image and Amz buy link. I will test this for a week or so to see if that affects a reader’s scrolling….

I forgot to list the dates. TEE 3-copyb, c, d, e, f should have the date of 6/12. I’ll keep an eye over the next week for specific numbers of clicks to see which ad of the purple image is the “winner”.

One thing I have to keep in mind, is that tomorrow being the 13th, I have the promos: Freebooksy and Red Feather Romance, will be running. That will skew my FB results, but it will also tell me if Freebooksy and Red Feather are worth the money down the road for other releases. 🙂