The update for yesterday morning’s negative royalties ended up being usurped by a flurry of sales that has to be directly related to the ads added to the TEE 3 ad on Facebook. It went from -$1.06 to a positive $33.22. Overall, that has given me 2x my investment (without today’s promos).

Regarding today’s promo with Freebooksy & Red Feather Romance emails. They hit inboxes around 6:30a PST.

The downloads for TEE are at 1098 right now without much sell-through, but that is to be expected. This is on Amazon. I won’t have numbers for Kobo and Apple until tomorrow and B&N the day after that.

Even more good news at this point, well… I love this:

Yes, this is in the FREE Kindle Store. It is also listed in two very relevant categories.

Things to watch. Stay tuned. 🙂