These two promo sites were not worth the money with one caveat. I ran a Freebooksy promo, paying the extra for the series, in February, and made my $230 back within a day. I didn’t do that this time because it was the same book: TEE. As of today, this is the most disappointing promo I’ve run in a while because each was $95. I went ahead and opted to add the Red Feather Romance (an additional $95) because I’d never used them and thought it would hit a readers I hadn’t reached before. Nope. It’s terrible.

There are a ton of downloads but these have not converted to sales anywhere near BookBub (or anything else for that matter). But as you are probably aware, BookBub Featured Deals are difficult to come by, but worth the money if you can snag one. And, I will just mention, that there are ways to lower your cost for a BB ad and still turn a good number of sales.

So, I will continue to monitor this week to see if there is any sort of tail regarding the above promos. If you have to choose, Freebooksy is good, and if you have a series and are running it for the first time, I can tell you, that it did work for me back in February. Knowing this information is good. By tracking, I was able to go straight to my overall spreadsheet and see exactly when I ran that promo and see what happened.

On the plus side:

Since June 7th, when I restructured my Rebel Lords of London series, I am seeing additional rating/reviews everyday – 1 to 3 increases. The rankings are good too, so far, remaining near the top 100 in the Free Kindle Store as you can see below.

While the downloads for TEE have slowed, they continue to be up considerably more than normal. Yesterday on AMZ: 397; Apple: 233; Kobo: 26; B&N (6/13): 74

I’ll be doing tweaks to the FB ads next week. Happy Selling. 🥰