A Dagger Cuts Deep

A Dagger Cuts Deep

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It's 1938, and to Deidre Chance, her twin’s murder was at the hand of her twin’s ex-husband. The man’s a wastrel. A no good drunk her sister had been lucky to escape. Now she just had to prove it.

Jackson Montgomery is down to the wire in satisfying the conditions of his late father’s will within the one year constraint: making the island manor house his primary residence; and, marrying within one year of the will’s reading. As the last of the four heirs required to fulfill this ridiculous condition for he and his cousins to receive their rightful inheritance—time is running out.

But someone is bent on murder and he’s at the top of the suspect list. A man with a past as checkered as his does not bode well for proving his innocence. Or convincing his ex-wife’s sister he’s not the man she believes. But, then, she’s hiding secrets of her own.

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