Hello, all.

I’m breathing life in my Bloomington Series with the help of a few shorts that tie to the town.

That doesn’t necessarily mean the stories take place in Bloomington. What it means is that with these new shorts I think I’ll be adding to the Bloomington World. The first of the stories: When Stars Align is a sexy short of two actors with a little twist of mistaken identity and miscommunication.

A list of the first four shorts are:

When Stars Align

Is it just a matter of the stars aligning?

Aiden Harrison is stunned by the change in his co-star. In college, she’d been the worst. A stalker he’d actually feared. Now, however, she was so hot, he could hardly keep his hands to himself.

Maylis Smith had no idea what to make of the man playing opposite her in the play in this small theater. He blew cold, then hot, then colder. But she was a professional and her goals went farther than this Lyric production. All her dreams were about to come true.

Wedding Vows for Hire

The young woman who’d left Carson Hill standing at the altar was scamming his friend, and there was no one to stop her but him. Coming face to face with Bindi Jamison after ten years was a punch to his gut. Gone was the shy, curvy woman he’d once loved and believed loved him.

Elizabeth Jones had changed everything about herself down to her name. No longer was she the naïve, overweight girl she’d been at nineteen. She was a savvy, sophisticated woman with a unique and thriving business that if the details came out could ultimately ruin her.

Forbidden Agreement

Drew Butler needs a wife. ASAP. But his matchmaker failed to show for their designated meeting. Now he was doomed. The understated beauty from the bar gives him another idea. A forbidden agreement that holds much more enticement.

Attorney, Samantha Felix, is tasked with informing a drunk billionaire in how he’d violated the terms of his contract with Weddings To Go. Instead, she falls right into his trap. Right into his bed.

Unfashionable Diva

Naturally, when Gina Bove wakes up in bed next to a stranger she is totally freaked out. Especially since she can’t remember a thing from the night before. She has no idea who the man is and how she ended up in his bed.

Antonio Locatelli spent the past decade wondering what happened to the horribly attired woman he’d saved from a nefarious fate. But when his father threatens Antonio’s livelihood, he turns to a matchmaking service for assistance and learns exactly what happened to his mystery bed mate.


I hope you enjoy these fun little romps.