My sisters and I are writing a new mystery series called The Weatherford Sisters Mysteries.

First off I want to tell you where the “Weatherford” came from. Ha! Weatherford, Texas. We lived there as children.

Second, here are the covers already done!

Book one, A Bullet to the Heart is already available for pre order at Amazon!

Quick blurb: It’s 1937 on Montgomery Island, Stone City, Clover County, Connecticut, and heiress Josephine Weatherford’s dear, yet, controlling uncle is found dead. No one knows why. In a shocking turn, Victor’s will forces Jo, her sisters, and their cousin to return to the island and maintain the manor house as their primary residence for an entire year! Jo would absolutely refuse, but to do so, puts her sisters’ inheritance at risk. If they are to receive their due, each heir must fulfill the terms of the will. Because besides the fact of making the island their home, they must each marry within one year of the reading of the will.

The childhood horrors Jo suffered had her vowing to never marry. Not even to the man she’s been in love with since she was nine years old.

Sheriff Wyn Smith has his hands full since the island’s benefactor was found murdered. A fate the island had not suffered for over fourteen years. Now, not only has the woman of his heart returned to a home she abhorred growing up, but someone is also trying to kill her. And when news gets out that if the terms of the will aren’t fulfilled, reverting all assets to the island, suddenly everyone is a suspect—including Wyn’s own parents.

Coming soon:
Hanging By a Threat – Terry Andrews
A Fatal Drip of Wisdom – Sanxie Bea Cooper
A Dagger Cuts Deep – Kathy L Wheeler