Dangerous Curves

Dangerous Curves

The Motorcyclist and the Model: where danger meets beauty

Sometimes the person you're looking for is the one you least expect.

In supermodel Catalina Locatelli’s fury with her father, she finds herself lost in Vegas somewhere off the Strip with no idea how to get back to her hotel. Yes, in the height of her pique, she’s forgotten her cell phone. At first glance, her rescuer-motorcycle-maniac seems like your typical bad boy. He's got the duds, the motorcycle, and the attitude.

Survivalist Persus Phuckzer is stymied by the beauty he stops to assist. Unfortunately, she isn't the only one in need of help.

Fiery Billionaire Nights
When Stars Align
Wedding Vows for Hire
Forbidden Agreement
Unfashionable Diva
Revenge’s Sweet Reward
Dangerous Curves


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