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Episode III: Model Unveiled

Episode III: Model Unveiled

Mallory is homesick. She misses Schultzie. And her brain hurts from attempting to figure out where she the hell she’s landed now. But voyeurism is the fun of the day—the day being sometime in the 16th century—for Diego Velázquez the infamous artist in the Spanish court .

A resentful Nicolaus Pastra enters the King’s pet artist’s studio with simmering resentment. As the signor’s favorite model he’s wanting desperately to be from his pledge to the court. Until he sees the man’s latest project, spread out before him like a feast.

This unveiled model is a surprise and a conundrum. He’s falling for her and would love to keep her for his own, but her happiness means more to her than his own life.

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Episode III: Mallory and the artist

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