Episode II: The Unexpected Viking

Episode II: The Unexpected Viking

In this short hot time travel: Episode two of the Vanishing World series, Schultz K. Roland’s wakes after a night of hot unbridled love in which he knows he left his date, Mallory Keen, unsatisfied. But Mallory is nowhere to be found. And, if his boss returns, heads will roll, and Schultz is not so certain, literally. A search through the mansion leads him to his boss’s forbidden office. What he sees, chills him to the bone.

Mallory’s in trouble and there is nothing Schultzie can do to save her. His clumsiness with the time box not only keeps him from saving Mallory but sends him in a past that’s likely to get him killed.

Episode I: Mallory and Hercules
Episode II: Schultzie and the viking
Episode III: Mallory and the artist's model

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